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Please allow me to act as a reference for Heidi Finn, Broker/Owner of Urban Luxe Real Estate.  I have been in the Real Estate business in Denver for 30 years.  I just retured from the Ethics and Professional Standards Committee of the Denver Board of Realtors, of which I was the Chairman for the past fifteen years.  I am currently a speaker, real estate instructor, and expert witness to several real estate fraud cases in Colorado.  I must admit, I an constantly on the search for good, ethical and reliable Realtors to be on my Ethics Committee.  The first time I spoke to Heidi I knew she was one of those Realtors.  After a few conversations I asked her to join the Ethics Committee, a very select and invitation only group.  Heidi gives 100% to her clients.  She is energetic, bright and focuses on the outcome that her clients direct her to achieve.  Wherever she practices she is consistent in her search and achievement of excellence.  She has attained success and name recognition amount other real estate professionals of being one of the best.  I highly recommend her for anyone looking for an outstanding Realtor in Denver!

Penelopee Greene, Chairman of Ethics and Professional Standards Committee, Denver Board of Realtors 1996 – 2011

‘Heidi helped me purchase my home in Country Club- while I was in France! She negotiated the sale and contract through various time zones and even coordinated a move from my old house into my new house before I came back to the States!  I walked off the airplane and into my new house. This woman is amazing!”

-Diana Anderson

‘Heidi found our perfect home when it wasn’t even on the market!  She took into account our ENORMOUS wish list and then found the perfect house that we now call home.  She guided us throughout the entire process and negotiated like a mad woman!  I’ve never worked with a harder working real estate agent than Heidi… ever!” – Bob and Karen Sewell     ‘It’s easy to find someone to work with when things are good, but it’s not easy to find someone that will stick with you when things go sour.  The sale of our home was an emotional roller coaster as the Buyers were challenging, yet Heidi kept us on course even after the sale.  She’s caring, accessible, and truly knows her stuff.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!”

– Lauren and Steve Getsie

I had a tricky situation where the house I put an offer on was a $1.8M short sale. Through Heidi’s digging, we found out the owner of the home was best friends of the president of the bank who held the note.  Talk about a conflict of interest!  When things got tricky Heidi advised me to bail.  This is definitely not an agent focused on her commission- she truly cares about her clients and advised accordingly.  We didn’t close a transaction, but dodged a bullet.  Thanks Heidi, I will forever be grateful!

– T. Pettennude

‘My husband and I had a early 1900′s home in City Park that we needed to sell, wanting an upgrade after adopting a little boy.  Heidi strongly advised us to add a main floor bath before putting our home on the market. I’ll be honest, we wanted to sell our house, not put more money into it.  She was so patient.  She took us around to about fifteen houses which she deemed the ‘competition’, showing us why it was so important.  We reluctantly followed her advise and got an offer within the first weekend- OVER asking price!  We were thrilled!  Thanks Heidi for giving it to us straight and not just what we wanted to hear!

-Susan and Paul Wrona

‘I relocated from California, by-passing my relocation department at Oracle in favor of this amazing real estate agent.  My family and I are glad we did!  She showed us many homes and neighborhoods, always challenging us to consider and reconsider before making our final decision.  Never pushy but always right!  Have this woman in your corner!”

-Brody Merrill

‘As a first time home buyer, I admit- I was super high maintenance.  I honestly thought I was Heidi’s only client, never realizing she was juggling five or six clients at the time!  She is available on weekends, week nights, after hours and early morning.  She answered her calls on vacation (which I never knew) and is patient, kind and objective, offering many scenarios and letting me choose what’s best for me.  I never felt pushed into something, even after previewing 30 houses or more!  I appreciated her advise against a home or location, and her encouragement when I found what felt right.  I love my house and couldn’t imagine using anyone else!’

-Karen Duggard

‘My wife was eight months pregnant when I got a job in Boston. Heidi put our house on the market, pushing back on price and terms so that we could sell sooner vs later.  We appreciate her strength and wisdom!  It allowed us to move quickly and within $1K of asking price.  She even coordinated the packing and moving of our whole house so we didn’t have to worry about it while enjoying our new baby in Boston.  Don’t hesitate to use Heidi- she’s awesome!’

-David and Kelly Twitchell

‘My wife and I recently bought and sold home from Heidi Finn. Our experience with the entire process was such as pleasant one. Heidi Finn is such as great person to work with and extremely knowledgable about the market and neighborhoods. We got to say she is the ‘best broker’ we have ever come across. Without any hesitation we will recommend Heidi to any one who is looking make the home buying/selling experience pleasant one without any stress. Heidi’s Office assistant Laurie was such a sweet person to work with. Whenever there is any paper work related questions or some paper work that needs to be taken care right away. She answers her phone any time/day of the week with such a grace. If we have to rate our overall experience working with Heidi and her staff we definitely would give her 10+ on a scale of 1-10’

-Kannan and Linda Mahalingam

‘I met Heidi by calling her number from a sign in the front yard of a house I couldn’t afford.  We talked and she set up a few searches that were in my price range and certain criteria.  The first time we went out together I fell in love with the first house we walked into.  I wanted to write an offer right then and there… but nooooo!  Heidi made me trek through ten more houses before ‘letting’ me write an offer.  I’m sooo glad she did!  We ended up writing an offer on the sixth house, not the first, a better deal which I ended up making money on when I sold it two years later.  I am thankful Heidi is about the relationship, not the sale.  She always has your best interests at heart!’

-Mitch Todd

You have been such a joy to work with and we couldn’t have asked for a better more knowledgeable realtor or experience with this whole process. Your communication and industry skills are amazing and you are a true delight! Scott and I are very pleased. Thank you!!

-Kellina Flansburg

Heidi Finn and her team at Urban Luxe helped my wife and I find our first home. Their knowledge, experience and dedication to finding us a home really impressed us. They made sure we understood every part of the process, and went the extra mile. The advice and insight we received along the way was invaluable. Heidi took the time to understand our needs, our budget, and then delivered a fantastic deal on a home that met all of the above. We felt very fortunate to work with Heidi, and have already recommended her team to our friends. Thank You Urban Luxe!

-Jesse Goldsmith

My very pregnant wife and I were starting the house hunt to upgrade from the small 2-bedroom apartment we were renting in Cap Hill.  I had talked with several brokers over the phone and, of the group, met with 2 in person.  The first realtor was new to the business and seemed hungry, but lacked the knowledge, experience, and confidence I required.  I think she will get there and probably turn out to be a successful realtor, but I was not prepared to roll the dice at this stage in her career.  I invited the second realtor to join me for lunch.  This one was more seasoned and her website impressed me enough to set the meeting.  It turned out to be a total disaster.  Over the phone, she said that her ‘bread and butter’ were the areas we were interested in.  During lunch, I asked some very rudimentary questions about said areas, including school districts, safety, resale, community feel, etc.  It became immediately obvious that she was masquerading as someone she was not.  She could not answer some of the basic questions about the areas.  I asked without a patronizing tone, “How long have you sold properties in this area?”  She admitted that she sold more properties in the burbs, but tried to recover by convincing me that Highlands Ranch and Parker were areas we should explore.  But, she missed one key component.  I didn’t want to live there…….AT ALL!!!  Maybe one day, but not today.  Aside from misrepresenting her areas of expertise, this lady was void of any ability to connect.  This is important to me.  If I am going to be working with you, investing my time, dealing with the emotional up’s and down’s that will invariably occur, and asking you to help me with the biggest purchase of my life, we damn well better be lock step in mind and spirit.  Suffice to say, the search continued…

One lazy Sunday, I happened upon an open house.  My wife was spent from a long day and decided to wait in the car while I popped in for a second to grab the brochure.  Inside, Heidi stood in the kitchen.  I explained to this bubbly and talkative woman that we were new home buyers, fairly new to Denver, and that we needed help from someone who actually knew what they were doing.  I think I may have added an expletive or 2 to convey the level of desperation.  Without being overly ‘salesy’ or aggressive, Heidi suggested we get together to discuss what we were seeking and to see if she could help.  I had a gut feeling that we found our gal.

My father-in-law was in town the day of our meeting and he joined us as we took a ride with Heidi to check out a few houses in our desired neighborhoods.  While the first few properties were not to our liking, Heidi listened, gave suggestions, and educated us on the real estate market.  It was an extremely productive afternoon and my wife and I left with piece of mind that we found an expert.  My father-in-law, a tough critic from Brooklyn and a fan of thorough due diligence, said once we dropped Heidi off,  “You kids would be crazy to keep looking for another realtor.  She really knows her stuff.”  Indeed, she did.  Our search ended that day.  Come hell or high water, Heidi was in the trenches with us for the foreseeable future.

After a couple of months of searching, I received a call from Heidi on a week day urging me to come meet her at a house in Park Hill that had gone on the market that day.  I quickly looked it up and dropped everything at work to meet her.  A 5-minute tour of the house and property and I knew I had to have it.  Within a day, there were more than 5 offers.  Our offer was probably one of the better ones (not the best), BUT Heidi wrote a very nice and convincing letter (including details of my wife and I raising our baby to be in the house – heart string pulling type of letter) to the builders, who were a young couple with twins on the way.   Whatever the heck was in that letter, it worked.  We got the house and have been living happily in it for the past year.

Heidi is not only our realtor.  She has become our friend.  She truly understands the importance of building relationships and cultivating them over time.  I can’t say enough about her professionalism, thoroughness, resourcefulness, and downright ability to get the job done.

If you’re looking for a stellar representative who will make it happen, look no further.  Heidi is the one.

Thank you, Heidi, for all that you have done and continue to do and for becoming our friend in the process.

– Mike Nates

‘Heidi spends more time talking people out of houses than into them.  That’s a good sales person. She spent a lot of time showing us houses before we finally found the right one.  Heidi, thanks for being so patient and never making us feel rushed!’

-Jay and Karen Bechel

‘I bought a house in Park Hill and at the advise of Heidi, flipped it ten days later to a Buyer that lost out on the deal in the first place.  I made $30K in less than five days, and wouldn’t have done so if it weren’t for the urging of this savvy agent.” – Patrick Quinlan   ‘My wife and I met Heidi at an open house several years ago and have bought and sold four houses since then.  She found our latest house before it was on the market and found a buyer for our old before we even listed.  She’s definitely not an ‘average agent’!

-Chris and Brooke Altomari

‘My wife and five kids were looking to relocate to Denver from Chicago.  We didn’t end up doing it, but I had to write a testimonial to my experience.  Heidi is truly amazing at her trade.  She hosted my wife and I five times- spending the entire day educating us on the ins and outs of the real estate market but also the Denver she calls home. We’re going to wait until spring 2012, but you can bet Heidi is our agent.  I have never met someone as passionate and experienced than Heidi in the many years of buying and selling houses. She’s been great at communication since the day we met, and I feel 100% confident she’ll find our perfect house… eventually!

-Justin and Melonie Frazier

‘My daughter bought one side of a duplex when she was in college.  When it came to sell, Heidi was our agent.  The buyer did a sewer scope and found a break in the sewer line.  The party wall agreement said the other owner of shared duplex should share in the cost.  Problem was that owner was out of a job and wasn’t willing to fork out the cash.  Heidi was amazing in coordinating communication with white gloves and eventually, the neighbor relinquished. It took a little longer than expected, but thanks to Heidi we got the sewer line replaced and my daughter’s duplex sold. I don’t think we could have done it successfully without her!’

-Sam Cappersmith

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