Leilani Renteria


Leilani Loves Living in the City.

Leilani’s love of city life is the heartbeat of her success as a Realtor. She’s fully engaged in Denver’s city life and one can often find her at museum and art gallery openings, live music venues, film festivals, farmers and flea markets and perhaps her favorite, dining at Denver’s latest restaurants. For Leilani, being a Realtor isn’t “sales,” it’s fulfilling one’s lifestyle and the desire to find “home.”Leilani is a veteran and her level of expertise in the housing market is boundless and far reaching outside Denver’s city limits. She also is a leading downtown loft expert and shares a passion for LODO and RiNo’s history of warehouse conversions. Another passion of Leilani’s is her love of interior design and listing properties for sale with her will ensure one’s property for sale will be worthy of a magazine spread. With over a decade of professional know-how, subtle “one-two” negotiation skills punch, and “on the pulse” of current market conditions, she continues to gain a loyal following.

Stand-out Real Estate Transaction: Denver’s MTV “Real World” House – $3.3M

On the Personal Side:

Best Concert Experience: Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music @ Rainbow Music Hall.

Languages Spoken (“previously) Other Than English: Japanese. I lived in Japan when I was little and learned Japanese from the neighborhood kids. Sadly, I only retained how to count to 5 and say “domo arigatou gozaimasu.”

Favorite Writers: F. Scott Fitzgerald, J. D. Salinger

Favorite Movie: Tie – Funny Girl and Persuasion (BBC version).

Cities I Lived – Other than Denver: Misawa, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, London

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