Rachel Woolcott

Staff Writer

Coming from the restaurant industry, one might think the last place a restaurant chef/owner would land is writing website content for the top real estate company in Denver. What originally started out as a way to supplement an insatiable desire to travel turned into an opportunity to hone my craft in writing and gain an appreciation for how far Denver has come.

Denver is like the proverbial onion; many layers to unveil before reaching its core. Writing about Denver’s new developments, 40 + neighborhoods, luxury homes and luxury condos might not make me an expert in real estate, but it has influenced me to recognize the diverse nature of our city. Writing from a chef’s perspective has helped me tell a unique story about the nuances of each neighborhood. From food to community, events, new development and what the future has in store, one thing remain the same, Denver is ever evolving.

I am super proud to be a part of Urban Luxe Real Estate and the amazing agents who work hard and influence the forward motion of this city. Urban Luxe Real Estate gave me my first official writing job and for that I’m forever grateful.

Five Fun Facts About Me

#1. Career Highlights

I knew early on I would have my own restaurant and knew how much it would take to get there. To be successful and to be a great chef, as I had learned, you have to want it more than anything else and dedicate yourself to the craft. And so, that is what became of my life for the next twelve years.

In 2001, with the love and support from my family and friends, it all paid off and Aix Restaurant was born–quickly becoming a Denver favorite.

During those eight years, I was fortunate enough to work with the most talented chefs and to participate and collaborate in many events that humbly let me give back to a community that graciously supported us.

#2. What attributes make you a successful real estate copy writer?

I love my city and want to know everything about it. Writing copy for Urban Luxe Real Estate has given me so much insight to a wonderfully complex city.

#3. If you could pin it down to just one thing, what is the one most important thing you have learned about real estate?

From the residential real estate stand point, facts might be facts, but personal emotions can drive the train. Having a little empathy goes a long way.

#4. Odd Job

I sold Kirby vacuum cleaners one winter while in college only to be immediately fired. I must have been the only sales person on the planet to talk people out of purchasing a product.

#5. When I’m not working

You can find me either on the road, in the water or on a plane. Through travel I have cultivated the best friendships, learned new styles of cooking and overall broadened my life experiences.

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