Support Manual Arts Program

Let’s Create a Robust Arts Program @ Manual High School!
The arts enrich our lives, communities and culture, and are vital to a child’s education. Exposure to art education promotes self-directed learning, improves school attendance and sharpens critical and creative skills. Research shows that the arts help students master subjects, such as reading, math and social studies. Study of the arts contributes to student achievement and success in school and beyond.

Schools are increasingly asked to do more for less. The arts programs (i.e. Music, Instruments, Dance, Fine Arts) are typically the first programs to get cut even though the benefits to students are clear. As a community we are committed to be a partner in the success of this special school. Our role: help this school build a strong, prominent arts program to expose Manual students to the arts and the benefits that comes with exposure.

All donations up to $20,000 will be matched by the Burkett Family Foundation.

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