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“My clients know that I am most concerned about what is best for them. I listen closely, ask a ton of questions and help facilitate discussions that get to the heart of their real estate needs. I leave no stone unturned…whether it is finding the perfect buyer or the perfect house, I go above and beyond to meet their needs.”

Having spent 20 years managing people and tens of millions of dollars, Allison made a mid-life career change to pursue her passion- real estate. Her introduction to home ownership came with a home built in 1888. Apparently, that wasn’t old enough so her second home was built in 1880. Both of these homes were featured on the HGTV and DIY networks. After years of buying and selling homes and helping friends buy and sell houses, Allison decided it was time to commit to real estate full-time.

Moving to the historic Five Points neighborhood in early 2002, Allison has focused her energy on the vibrant neighborhoods of Denver. She is energized by the city and makes it her business to know about development and revitalization happening all over Denver. She is a true foodie at heart and eats out more than she cares to admit. Don’t hesitate to ask her about her favorite restaurants. She has eaten at all of them! Also, a parent of 2 children, Allison can often be seen riding bikes with her family around the streets of Denver. She knows all the best hidden haunts and fun things to do with kids.

“I have found my bliss. I love people, I love Denver and I love houses. My job allows me to blend all of these things in a way that brings me and the people I work with, great joy!”

“I feel strongly about giving back to the community. I currently sit on two Boards for non-profits. Community Development work is a passion of mine and translates nicely to real estate as I often have intimate knowledge of a variety of projects and happenings in neighborhoods throughout Denver.”

Five Fun Facts

#1. Career Highlights

After 20 years in public health and social work, I could deny my real estate calling no longer! As I helped my friends and family find homes and investment opportunities (not because it was my job…just because I loved it) the joke became that I had “missed my calling”. Everyone knew they could ask me about any home or business for sale in our neighborhood, and not only would I know all the details about the property, I would also know the whole inside story. Not wanting to go through life with a “missed calling”, I made a mid-life career change. I have never been happier!

#2. What Attributes Make a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur?

A good listener! …Not only to clients, but to other agents, mortgage brokers, inspectors, etc. It is amazing how many times I find that by listening closely I am able to cue in to potential issues and problems.

#3. If You Could Pin It Down To Just One Thing, What Is The One Most Important Thing You Have Learned About Real Estate?

Trust your instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

#4. Odd Job

In high school I managed the Pier 1 Imports clothing line. I bet you didn’t even know they had a clothing line…probably a good decision on their part to discontinue their clothing. It was just as you would imagine it would be! Lots of flow-y, flowery, floor-length dresses, meant for the days of Woodstock!

#5. When I’m Not Working

I spend time with my family, husband Seth, daughters Layla and Naomi. We are urban dwellers and one of our favorite things to do is to ride bikes around town. My husband has been in the restaurant business for 25 years and we are always out and about trying new restaurants in the city. Feel free to ask me about all my favorites! Having a house built in 1880 means there are more “projects” than you can count! I don’t feel complete without some part of my house torn apart. I’ve become obsessed with vintage household items…for a while it was old doors, and now I have moved on to vintage sinks. I currently have one sitting in my living room and another in my mudroom just waiting for the perfect spot! Our last 2 homes were featured on HGTV and the DIY Network. There is nothing like renovating under pressure and under the lights of the camera!

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