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Amy Kissinger

As a full time Realtor, Amy’s approach to real estate is focused around getting to know her clients as real people, and taking care of them from beginning to end.

“I have an arsenal of ways to provide both buyers and sellers the highest level of personal service. I am committed to achieving results by meeting needs and objectives with the utmost integrity.”

When asked if she had any funny stories from her real estate career, she said she couldn’t think of just one, instead saying “I have enough stories to fill a Larry David sitcom!”

A long time resident of Denver, Amy is masterful at simplifying the many details of home purchase and ensuring that her clients expectations will be more than met from start to finish. She loves “laugh out loud” funny stories to take the edge off after a long day of managing the complex details of each client’s unique transaction.

Don’t let this petite Southern Belle fool you- she has the know-how, drive, and tenacity needed to help you find or sell your next Denver home!

Five Fun Facts

#1. Career Highlights

I have always been in a sales environment starting while I was in college at Saks Fifth Avenue in New Orleans. Saks decided to put me in the men’s department even though I did not know anything about men’s clothing. I know a lot now. Sales has always been such a great fit for me since I enjoy being around people, learning where they come from, what makes them tick, and that we all have special individual traits that make us who we are.

#2. What Attributes Make a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur?

Always being professional and always doing the right thing. My clients become my friends and I care about them. I want each one to find a home they love and one they can be happy in for many years to come. We have a great team of professionals at Urban Luxe Real Estate that we can all learn from and continue to be our best every single day.

#3. If You Could Pin It Down To Just One Thing, What Is The One Most Important Thing You Have Learned About Real Estate?

The real estate market is changing all of the time and it is extremely important to keep up with it. I actually enjoy reviewing market statistics and read many articles a week.

#4. Odd job

I used to sell men’s underwear at Saks, Definitely odd when a 50 year old would come in and say they didn’t know their size.

#5. When I’m Not Working

I love being outdoors and in nature any chance I get. Whether it is hiking, walking with friends around Wash Park to catch up, or just sitting in the sun and appreciating the little things, this is my happy place. I also enjoy music festivals and concerts at Red Rocks.

Amy Kissinger - Urban Luxe Real Estate