What Marketing Really Sells Your House

If you are one of those people who thinks  any ole’ agent can snap a few pics, stick a sign in the yard, enter your house into the MLS and think it will magically sell, it’s a good thing you’re reading this…

There are so many new and emerging platforms beyond entering a house in the MLS and sticking a sign in the yard- there’s offline, online, print, digital, viral, and mobile.

Marketing, done well, can lessen days on market and maximize your return.  It’s the connective tissue if you will, between all delivery forms of marketing your house. When it’s used as a part of an entire marketing program it can be the single most important factor in your sales success. So that’s why it’s extremely critical that it’s built and maintained by people who understand the real estate process and have a background in public relations, sales and marketing bring it all together.

We don’t just put a sign in front of your home and hope it sells – we develop a custom marketing plan to bring you the best deal possible. Our experience in sales and marketing helps us connect with the right Buyers, and our real estate background adds professional assurance to every step of the transaction.


Photos are worth 1000 words so we make sure they are good, using only professional photographers.


While curb appeal and front yard signage catches the eye of people driving by, nothing can compare to the power punch the internet has when selling a home. National reports indicate 90% of buyers hit the web first when house hunting! Those kind of numbers make having a great web presence an essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

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What Marketing Really Sells Your House - Urban Luxe Real Estate