There are many determining factors that go into buying a house from lifestyles and house styles to neighborhood schools systems, but the biggest factor in where you can afford to buy will invariably be what you can afford to buy!


The good news, once you’ve established your price range, finding the right neighborhood is a breeze. There are 79 official neighborhoods of Denver and most have a wide range of home pricing. Depending on what you are looking for, homes can range from 200,000 – 500,000 in any given neighborhood.
To help you get a general idea of neighborhood home pricing in Denver we encourage you to contact us with any questions or information you may need so we can help you find the perfect fit.
When looking for a new home, deciding where to buy not only comes down to what you can afford but also how the neighborhood best suits your lifestyle interests. When thinking about a neighborhood for you or your family it is important to remember you’re not just buying a house, you are investing in a community.
  • Do you prefer quiet streets or the bustle of Downtown?
  • Do you like anonymity or being a part of a close-knit community?
  • Is walking to nearby shops and restaurants important?
  • Are you attracted to older neighborhoods or new developments?
Here is the short story on a few popular neighborhoods

Downtown / Uptown / RiNo

These three neighborhoods represent what city living is all about. You can walk to any of your favorite shops and restaurants, have a night on the town or enjoy the surrounding open space parks and rivers. Hip, cool and trendy, these mixed-use neighborhoods are the perfect draw for the urban sophisticate.

Five Points / Whittier

Immersed in history both Five Points and Whittier are neighborhoods with close-knit community and attract both families and young, single professionals. Historical homes mixed with new builds represent the old and new.

Highlands / Sloan’s Lake

These two high demand communities offer residents the best any neighborhood has to offer. Neighborhood retail districts afford plenty of shopping and dining, while bike routes, parks and lakes are abundant for the outdoor enthusiast.

These neighborhoods are a big draw for the young, single professionals and known for being strong in family community. We can’t forget our pets!

LoHi / Jefferson Park

These two neighborhoods are real up-and-comers. LoHi breaks the ceiling of coolness with the onslaught of trendy restaurants and gorgeous new builds with sweeping views of the city drawing many young professionals.

Jefferson Park, while still retaining an older neighborhood feel, is one of the few remaining neighborhoods in Denver attractive to first time buyers wanting a city-life experience.

Berkeley/Sunnyside/Potter Highlands

Steeped in culture, these three neighborhoods have distinctly tight-knit family communities. Wide streets and plenty of parks in each neighborhood keeps residents enjoying outdoor activities such as biking, community events, picnics and more.

Home to one of Denver’s only off-leash dog park, even Fido will welcome.

Capitol Hill / Cheesman Park / Congress Park

Hip, trendy and full of life, Capitol Hill has a wonderfully eclectic community scene. Art and music, shopping and dinning are all within walking distance and mass transit makes getting around the city a snap. Cheesman Park and Congress Park both draw more families and young, single professions. These quieter neighborhoods offer tight-knit communities and are of course are very pet friendly.

Cherry Creek / Country Club / Polo Club / Belcaro

Go to our Top 5 Priciest Neighborhoods section and you’ll these four neighborhoods at the top of the list. Considered luxury communities, these neighborhoods offer larger homes on palatial lots, exclusivity, opulence and affluence.

Hilltop / Crestmoor

Both Hilltop and Crestmoor are considered predominately residential and quiet. Large lot sizes and high elevation for sweeping Front Range views makes these neighborhoods the most desirables in the city. Open space is abundant and residents take care in nurturing a tight-knit community. Krisana Park The most compelling aspects of Krisana Park are the Mid-century modern homes that established the neighborhood in the 1950s. 

City Park

The draw of this neighborhood has to be its namesake City Park. The 330 acres of park, the largest in Denver, is the perfect playground for families and individuals. Biking, boating, tennis and golf, City Park is also home to the Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, two lakes, a boathouse and City Park Golf Course.

Wash Park

Considered a tight-knit, family community Wash Park neighborhood also attracts the young, single profession. The nearby 162 acre park offers plenty of open space for the outdoor person while Old S Gaylord St is within walking distance for plenty of shopping and dining.

Byers and Platte Park

Predominately residential, Byers neighborhood does share retail and commercial space within walking distance on the Broadway corridor while Platt Park is a model for all-inclusive living, attracting younger and older families that make up a community of residential and commercial living.

Cory-Merrill and Bonnie Brae

Winding, tree-lined streets, beautiful architecture and neighborhood residents watching out for one another keeps these quiet, little neighborhoods off the beaten path.

University and Observatory Park

Both University and Observatory Park neighborhoods revolve around the university. Activity centers like Ritche, Newman and the Chamberlin Observatory provide endless entertainment all within walking distance from anywhere in either neighborhood. University is bustling with student life, art, music and shopping while Observatory Park is a little more quiet but still in proximity.


Enhanced with tree-lined street and serene atmosphere, the neighborhood is quite eclectic architecturally. Young, single professionals and families make up the tight-knit community. Nearby shopping and proximity to multiple hospitals are draw for anyone relocating.

Park Hill

Park Hill is an ideal location for those desiring a serene atmosphere with the proximity to urban activity. Tons of open space and very pet friendly, Park Hill neighborhood is quite the draw for young, single professionals, families and retirees.


A relatively young community to Denver, Stapleton has eight distinct neighborhoods and is an integrated mix-use community with multiple retail districts and a wide range of housing types and open space.

Cherry Hills Village

Voted the #1 suburb in America and best school district in the state, the draw of this quiet little “City” are the magnificent estates, open spaces, semi-rural atmosphere, low-density and family oriented community and 20 minute commute to Downtown.