Billy Henry


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Certifications and Awards:

Certified Negotiation Expert
(Designated by the Colorado Department of Real Estate)

5 Star Broker Award Multi-Recipient

Billy Henry

Working as a broker and consultant in Colorado’s residential and commercial real estate marketplaces since 2009, my business is built upon core skills in: transparent communication, market knowledge, negotiation, streamlining the selling and buying processes, and developing long-standing, trusted relationships.  


Throughout my career I have successfully brought a plethora of unique and complex real estate transactions to the closing table, fueling my reputation for being a sophisticated advisor and problem-solver that is passionate about guiding my clients to their real estate goals and dreams.


Designated by the Colorado Department of Real Estate as a Certified Negotiation Expert, I work assertively and efficiently on my clients’ behalf, navigating them through the details of the sale process with confidence.


Growing up on small farms in Colorado as a child, and competing on the national downhill mountain bike circuit as a young adult, I value the thriving communities found in small town atmospheres, and my love for Mother Nature and for living in the heart of the Rocky Mountains is infinite.  I live in the mountains.  I work in the mountains.  I specialize in mountain properties.

Outside of Real Estate:

I’m a working artist in the medium of film photography.  My greatest joy and fulfillment creatively comes from adventuring with my dog and gear, photographing the spirit of small town living, Rocky Mountain living, on film.  I’m passionate about celebrating and preserving film photography as a visual language and sacred medium of storytelling.  I honor the distinct synergy between my real estate business and my business as an artist.  The geographic areas I work as a real estate professional, I work as a film photographer.  And my skills at building client relationships and community in real estate mirror my skills at building relationships and community with gallerists and collectors.

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