The Modern Marketing Plan

If you think all you have to do is stick a sign in your yard it’s a good thing you’re reading this!

Urban Luxe Real Estate has in-house creative agency for the most important part of the sales puzzle — a truly customized approach to marketing, design and promotional concepts to sell your home. We call it the Modern Marketing Plan.

While real estate agencies are still learning how to be more digitally savvy, we’re busy building social listening platforms, identifying where to market to buyers online and amplify messages across many sales channels. Check out our Design Portfolio to see some of the custom design work we’ve done for sellers just like you!

Check Out Our Design Portfolio

Digital promotion describes us perfectly and is why so many well-known Denver real estate companies and agent teams have approached us to educate them on best digital and promotional practices to help them build their business.

Our process is a multi-faceted approach. We begin by getting to know you, your home, your family, timing and financial goals. From there we dive into the technical makeup of the current sales climate — is it a Buyer or a Seller’s market? What are the sales stats and listing ratios for your specific neighborhood?

We not only analyze the sales comps but we also look at the competition — we preview the actual houses on the market in your neighborhood (and invite you to tag along!). We also look at the Brokers selling them. Once we have a clear handle on the competition we create a home buyer profile and pricing strategy.

We take the time to get to know who’s buying in your neighborhood— not your assumed buyer- but the actual buyer based on data, social channels, competitor, industry insights and market research data sources.

We specialize in content creation, working on getting the most visibility possible for your home through enhanced visual representation, social media, promotion, and outreach.

The Modern Marketing Plan | Urban Luxe Real Estate